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Mold Prevention Information

The fact that it looks unsanitary is not the only reason to want to prevent mold growth inside your home. When you have mold indoors, it can lead to health problems. Even though Above and Beyond Unlimited Cleaning would be happy to help you remove mold, the better option for your home is mold prevention. This is why we are giving you the information you need to prevent mold buildup.

Mold Prevention Tips

Mold cannot grow without these four major components. Making sure that you remove access to these four, where possible, means that you can do what you can to prevent the growth of mold. Mold needs the following to grow:

Oxygen – Mold cannot grow without oxygen. However, even in some of the most restricted areas of your home, there will be enough oxygen to allow mold to grow.
The right temperature – Mold needs the right temperature to grow. Unfortunately, the right temperature is anywhere between 50 to 100 degrees. This means that the average household indoor temperature is always suitable to allow mold to grow.
A proper food source – Mold needs somewhere to grow, unfortunately any organic material such as sheetrock, paper, textiles, wood, and many other building materials are good enough to provide what the mold needs to grow.
Necessary moisture level – Moisture cannot start to grow until the room has a humidity level of 65% to 90%. Any lower, and the mold simply cannot grow.

As you can see, the first three requirements for mold growth could be considered beyond our control. However, that means that the fourth option, the moisture level, is what we can use to prevent the growth of mold.

Moisture mold prevention tips

  • If you have a large water spill or a water leak indoors, make sure that you have all affected surfaces and items dried within 48 hours of the initial spill. Oftentimes people merely dab to ensure that the visible water is removed, but it is essential that you remove all the spilled water.
  • People often forget about the drip pans underneath their air conditioner. It is important that nothing is blocking the flowing in the drain lines and that these drip pans stay clean.
  • The roof gutters are also often forgotten about. Make sure that you clean them regularly and that they remain in working order.
  • During construction, make sure that ground slopes are placed far away from your foundation. You do not want water to enter the foundation of your building or collecting near it.

Humidity reducing tips

  • Make sure you regulate the indoor humidity. You want to try to keep it below 50% at all times. Where possible, keep the indoor humidity between 30% and 50%, this is considered the optimal humidity level. You can buy a hygrometer when unsure about the humidity level in your home.
  • When you use the dishwasher, are cooking, or when you take a shower, there is a lot of excess moisture in the air. Release the moisture to the outside by using an exhaust fan or by simply opening the window.
  • Certain applications such as heaters, dryers, and stoves produce water vapor. Where possible, try to vent these to the outside. Moisture that goes outside is moisture you do not have to worry about indoors.
  • When necessary, do not be afraid to use proper air ventilation systems or de-humidifiers.

Prevent condensation

  • Increase air ventilation. Use fans as needed
  • Increase air temperature
  • Cover cold surfaces and tubes with insulation materials
  • Reduce the overall humidity
  • If you notice condensation, remember to dab it dry as quickly as possible. Try to find out where the moisture is coming from

As you can see, you can do many things to prevent the growth of mold. However, if it does happen, you know you can rely on Above and Beyond Unlimited Cleaning!

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