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"I used ABOVE AND BEYOND INC. to consider a spore sampling in March 2012. Their service was second to none, both with respect to costs and completion. Everything item was promptly handled by Dustin their field supervisor."

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Mold Inspection and Testing PA

Mold Inspection & Testing Services  PASometimes getting rid of one small patch of mold just isn't enough. Because mold is airborne, it can quickly and invisibly spread and until the damage is done, you may not even know it was there. Without testing, it can be difficult to know the full extent of the problem.

Here at Above and Beyond, our experienced and MICRO™ CMI certified mold inspectors can get to the root of the problem quickly and with a minimum of fuss. Using the latest equipment including thermal imaging and moisture meters, we can assess the condition of the whole property.

The Dangers of Mold

Mold causes far more than just cosmetic damage to your home. The airborne spores can enter our lungs and cause problems including coughing, inflamed glands, sneezing, asthma attacks and, in some extreme cases, even permanent lung damage. Unfortunately, keeping your home clean is not always enough. Although mold is encouraged by dust and warm, damp conditions, it can infiltrate even the most spotless home. Once it begins to grow, its spores become airborne. This means that it can enter our lungs and take possession of other parts of our homes. It is surprising how even the smallest growth of mold can give rise to a major problem.

The Mold Testing Procedure

If you have come across mold in your home, it is well worth having it tested to discover the full extent of the problem. What you thought was a small problem in the bathroom may actually originate in some unseen area in the bathroom, and vice versa.

Here at Above and Beyond, our inspectors begin the mold assessment process by making a visual assessment of the situation. They will then measure moisture levels around the area to determine where the mold could have originated or spread to. Where mold is found, our inspectors will take a swab which will then be sent to a 3rd party lab for testing. They will also take a sample of the air in the property in order to determine the level of airborne spores. Some types of mold are more toxic than others; it's important to understand the severity of your problem.

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If you have found mold growth in your home and would like to ensure that the health of your family is in no danger, contact us today for a consultation. Please note that air testing is not necessary in every situation; we will only take this measure if we believe your home contains active spores.

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