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Certified, licensed, insured and bonded mold, water and basement company in West Pikeland, Chester County PA Pennsylvania 19425We count on our homes to keep us secure, as a place to shelter in a storm. If you own a business, you count on it to supply your income and build your retirement. When a flood or roof leak does more harm than you counted on -- count on us. We provide service in West Pikeland PA and all over the tri-state area and we offer 24-hour emergency service when needed. Above and Beyond Unlimited Cleaning makes certain that every employee -- every inspector and every worker -- is experienced and certified. We are fully insured, licensed and bonded and are ranked A+.

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Mold Inspection & Testing West Pikeland PA

Mold Testing West Pikeland, Chester County PA Pennsylvania 19425Just as fire produces smoke, unwanted intrusion of water often produces mold. In fact, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) says that mold can start growing in twenty-four to forty-eight hours after exposure to water. Whether the water comes in from flooding or from a roof leak above, it's still true.

Our expert inspectors, (everyone in our company is certified by Micro-COMRC, EPA, and IICRC), and our state of the art equipment and independent third-party testing laboratory may even find good news for you -- not all kinds of mold are a threat, not all need our remediation services, and you can trust us to tell you if you do not.
Mold Inspection West Pikeland, Chester County PA Pennsylvania 19425

Mold Remediation & Removal West Pikeland PA

Mold Remediation West Pikeland, Chester County PA Pennsylvania 19425Professional mold remediation by a fully insured, bonded and licensed company like Above and Beyond Unlimited Cleaning is a predetermined set of procedures that remove mold from the air and surfaces of your home in West Pikeland.

Mold remediation is not directly regulated by government. Our high standards set us apart from many in the business. Since 1998 we have made sure we stay on the leading edge of the mold remediation business with new equipment and EPA approved disinfectants. When we encapsulate, (seal up mold-bearing objects or surfaces to prevent its spread), we give a five-year warranty. Our high standards are your best protection.
Mold Removal West Pikeland, Chester County PA Pennsylvania 19425

Flood & Water Damage Restoration West Pikeland PA

Water Damage Restoration West Pikeland, Chester County PA Pennsylvania 19425Storm surges of corrosive, sand-laden salt water or rain-swollen freshwater rivers and streams can in short order damage entire communities and leave hundreds in need of professional help. Wind can rip roofing off or throw objects against buildings causing roof leaks and broken windows, and otherwise let rain and melting snow into your home. Gnawing rodents like squirrels can chew holes in the wood behind gutters so water pours inside walls.

Whatever started your water damage in West Pikeland PA, you can trust Above and Beyond Unlimited Cleaning to pay attention to detail and strive to leave you 100% satisfied.
Flood Cleanup West Pikeland, Chester County PA Pennsylvania 19425

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