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Certified, licensed, insured and bonded mold, water and basement company in Springfield, Bucks County PA Pennsylvania 18951At Above and Beyond, we are guided by the principles of ethical business, expertise and customers service. We are fully committed to being the one stop service provider in Springfield PA for mold removal, inspection and testing. We understand the importance of having certified professionals working in your house. As such, all our employees are not only certified by the EPA but also hold MICRO-COMRC, and MICRO-CMI certification. We have received a clean bill of health for our outstanding services in a range of categories including mold removal, remediation, and water damage restoration.

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Mold Inspection & Testing Springfield PA

Mold Testing Springfield, Bucks County PA Pennsylvania 18951Few mold removal companies in Springfield PA will take the time to inspect and scientifically test for the type of mold in your house. Instead of scaring you with the news of mold and immediate mold removals, we inspect your home to detect the presence of mold in your premises. Speak to us, the trusted mold inspection experts when you suspect mold in your home; we will collect samples of physical mold as well as air spores to determine the nature of the molds. To ensure accurate results, a third party does the actual testing. We are committed to mold removal only when it is completely necessary.
Mold Inspection Springfield, Bucks County PA Pennsylvania 18951

Mold Remediation & Removal Springfield PA

Mold Remediation Springfield, Bucks County PA Pennsylvania 18951At Above and Beyond, we have helped Springfield PA homeowners eradicate and prevent mold for 15 years now. We have a supportive, expedient, and knowledgeable team of experts that will help you remove harmful mold in your home. We are keen on adhering to EPA standards, more so when it comes to the use of encapsualtors and disinfectants to fully restore your home from the effects of mold. We also offer a five-year warranty on all encapsulators that we install in your home. Our team of professionals will be with you throughout the entire process of mold removal and remediation until your house is mold free.
Mold Removal Springfield, Bucks County PA Pennsylvania 18951

Flood & Water Damage Restoration Springfield PA

Water Damage Restoration Springfield, Bucks County PA Pennsylvania 18951Water damage caused by flooding has a solution. We at Above and Beyond offer expedient emergency solutions that stop the damage before it extends. We have an experienced and fully trained team that can waterproof your basement, offer ventilation, and drainage solutions and generally help to alleviate the water problems in your home. We use apt equipment to restore your home in terms so dehumfication and disinfection of mold contaminated areas. We also help to remove all damaged equipment, restore carpets and cleanup the scene after a flooding incident. Springfield PA residents can trust us to get the job done right.
Flood Cleanup Springfield, Bucks County PA Pennsylvania 18951

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